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Get Your DLT Verification Done the Same Day

DLT Approved Transactional Promotional & OTP Bulk SMS Service

Why Choose our Bulk SMS Service?

Easy DLT Verification

Easy DLT Verification

Register your Business entity, Sender IDs, and SMS templates effortlessly on DLT platforms with verification the same day.

  • Entity/Enterprise Registration that includes details of KYC Documents
  • Registration of the Sender IDs of the entity
  • Content Template Registration
  • Approval

OTP Delivery within Seconds

Eliminate low latency of OTP SMS with instant SMS delivery.

  • Your clients would get 100% assured OTP SMS within no time
  • Get high deliverability of SMS with our platform
  • Send OTP in a safe and secure manner
OTP Delivery within Seconds
Lowest Cost SMS Marketing Service

Lowest Cost Bulk SMS Marketing Service

Start sending text messages with our cost-effective Bulk SMS Distribution using an SMS Gateway API.

  • Easy to use Bulk SMS Panel User Interface
  • Compatibility with every mobile device
  • Conveniently update customers, send important reminders, offers, and more

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