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Self Ordering Kiosk - A Smarter Way to Fulfil Orders

Speed up, Simplify, and Synchronise - 3S your restaurant operations with an intelligent dine-in solution - Self-Ordering Kiosk

Some recent industry reports have indicated that restaurants that install self-ordering kiosks can see a 10-30% spike in revenue profits.

  • Reduced waiting times customers hate waiting in long lines

  • Less staff dependency free up your staff from collecting orders manually

  • No more incorrect orders during peak hours let your customers handle the orders themselves

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Some Recent Industry Reports

Experience seamless ordering with our KIOSK Platform

Unlock the power of the KIOSK platform—an intuitive, personalised, and lightning-fast solution designed to elevate your business.

Interactive Menu Screen

Interactive Menu Screen

“What is seen is what sells”. Attract your customers with visually appealing menu screens. Present your food items with high-definition graphics, winsome descriptions, and a rich interface.

Showcase Your Live Offers

Showcase Your Live Offers

Highlight your ongoing offers directly on the Kiosk for upselling and cross-selling (eg., 2-for-1 deals, 1 on 1, etc.). Keep your customers hooked and see your promotions convert into rich sales.

Secure Contactless and At-the-Counter Payments

Secure Contactless and At-the-Counter Payments

Enable secure transactions with contactless online payment gateways directly at the Kiosk. Give customers the flexibility to order at the self-ordering Kiosk and pay at the cash counter.

Seamless Waiter/POS Integration

Seamless Waiter/POS Integration

Integrate the POS system with the kiosk and fulfill orders without excessive human interactions. As soon as the order comes onto the kiosk, it reflects on the waiter’s tablet and guarantees a smooth flow of orders.

Why choose uEngage Self-Ordering Kiosk Technology?

uEngage applies ground-breaking technology in its Self-Service Kiosk that best fits your business. We have new-age kiosks for businesses of all sizes, including QSRs, fine-dine restaurants, and more. With uEngage’s self-ordering Kiosk technology, you can seamlessly

  • Integrate your POS system directly into the kiosk

  • Accept convenient transactions digitally through flexible payment options

  • Get real-time data insights into customer ordering behaviour

  • Present complete breakdown of order into the cart before checkout

  • Optimise your kiosk menu with different organised categories

Frequently Asked Questions

Kiosk orders provide user-friendly and easy-to-use food ordering options to consumers who are willing to order food without any assistance from employees.

A self-ordering kiosk allows consumers to place orders and make transactions with no human interaction. It is a POS (point-of-sale) terminal, allowing customers to place orders at retail stores, restaurants, airports, and much more without human interaction.

Self-ordering kiosk improve order accuracy, lower wait time, customer-preferred ordering, better customer experiences, consumer-preferred payment methods, etc.

One should look for features like secure payment options, an easy-to-use interface, integration with POS systems, customization options, strict reporting functionalities, etc.

A fast food restaurant kiosk ordering system offers a quick casual restaurant or any dine-in restaurant an incredible option to provide diners with a new and digital way of ordering without the assistance of staff.