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Best ONDC Seller App - uEngage

Creating an ONDC-integrated platform for Businesses, allowing them to sell online, acquire new consumers, and earn money! Reach as many buyers as possible without having to integrate with different e-commerce platforms with uEngage ONDC Online Registration. Start selling your products on the ONDC network with LOW commissions.

Zero Onboarding Charges

Zero Onboarding Charges

Seamless digital solution with zero onboarding charges with uEngage ONDC.

Lowest commission

Lowest commission

uEngage ONDC allows businesses the benefit of low commissions, ensuring cost-effective engagement with customers.

Quick Onboarding

Quick Onboarding

We allow businesses to quickly onboard and streamline the entire process for prompt engagement.

Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC)

An Indian government initiative to revolutionalize the e-commerce industry by creating an opportunity-based digital world where small, medium, and big businesses and sellers of all sizes can connect to the biggest pool of consumers without the burden of traditional digital marketing. At uEngage, we feel proud to provide the exclusive ONDC Online Registration platform that empowers businesses with an interoperable ecosystem and allows them to effortlessly engage with consumers and improve their digital presence. Get on board with the Best ONDC Seller App now!

A business or a seller registered with ONDC, automatically ends up on an open network that displays their inventory and products to all the buyers looking for similar options.

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Quick A to Z of ONDC

ONDC Registration - How It Works

ONDC is where your business will meet a world of consumers and beyond.

Sellers Register With Ondc

Sellers register with ONDC

Buyer Looks For A Product

Buyer looks for a product X on a registered seller app, for example- Amazon

Buyers Also Get To View The Deals

Buyers also get to view the deals for same product from Flipkart without shifting apps

“Like UPI, ONDC connects multiple sellers via an open network to multiple consumers.”

Value your business will get with ONDC Registration

The Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC), is a government-backed platform that enables a better open and transparent e-commerce ecosystem in India. ONDC aims to level the playing field for businesses of all sizes, by providing a common platform for buyers and sellers to interact. The e-commerce industry in India comes with two app modules. The ONDC Buyer Apps and the ONDC Seller Apps. Such apps allow businesses to manage their orders effectively, schedule bookings, analyze sales reports, and more. Here is the value that your business will get with ONDC Online Registration:

  • Enhanced Reach

  • Better business control

  • Reduced Costs

  • Better Customer Experience

  • Increased Efficiency

ONDC is for everyone – Buyers, Sellers, Logistics
Uengage and ONDC Apps

Why uEngage is the Best Platform for ONDC Registration Online

uEngage is the Best ONDC Seller App. We help businesses with ONDC requirements. From KYC verification to Catalogue upload, you can get it all under one roof at uEngage.

  • Customized seller app.

  • Controlled dashboard with inventory and customer data.

  • Simplified APIs.

  • Inventory upload.

  • Notifications setup.

  • Linking payment methods.

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ONDC Online Registration with the Best ONDC Seller App: uEngage

Connecting with uEngage ONDC means your business gets to unlock wider growth options and unlimited benefits. We will help you unlock a world of immense possibilities for your business.

Easy to use Dashboard: Every tool that you need to operate your online business can be accessible in one App.

Vast customer influx- The omnichannel model of ONDC means accessing consumers from the top, bottom, left, right, and every possible direction. Placing your business on an open network means a huge influx of consumer traffic.

Seamless customer engagement: Get engaged and delight your consumers through the interface of the Best ONDC Seller App by uEngage.

Low-Cost customer acquisition- The minimal cost to locate buyers via ONDC is the fastest and most economical means of growing in the e-commerce world without shelling out a hefty budget on digital marketing.

Go beyond basic online selling

Frequently Asked Questions

ONDC stands for Open Network for Digital Commerce. ONDC enables seamless integration between e-commerce platforms, payment gateways, logistics partners and digital service providers.

Yes, ONDC is made to cater to businesses of all sizes. The range of features and flexible integration capabilities of ONDC make it beneficial for small businesses that are planning to expand their digital commerce operations.

Getting registers on ONDC is easy. You can visit our website at api-uen.uengage.io/ondc and explore the available resources, documentation, and integration guides.

ONDC can revolutionize your e-commerce business by enhancing accessibility, improving inventory management, offering in-depth insights, giving advanced analytics, and allowing seamless payment integration.

uEngage is the best choice for ONDC registration.
1. Our expertise in e-commerce solutions
2. Comprehensive support throughout the registration process
3. Seamless integration capabilities make us an ideal choice for ONDC registration.
Join us to unlock the full potential of your e-commerce platform with ONDC.

Here are the few advantages that ONDC has to offer:
1. Better discoverability.
2. Lesser costs of conducting business.
3. Exposure to more buyers.
4. Additional options for value chain.

What Our Clients Say


I am really glad to select uEngage as our technology partner. I have known them for 2 years and have been impressed with the diversity and quality of their work. They have both the experience and collaborative approach to take ideas and create incredible cross-platform apps. We literally went from idea/mockups to generating revenue in 2 months. I would highly recommend uEngage to anyone building cross-platform mobile/web apps for startups or established businesses.

Sanam Kapoor

(Founder of La Pino'z)


We have been working with uEngage for most of our website and digital infrastructure requirements. Not only they have been very swift and proactive in providing solutions to our requirements but at the same time, the enitre team headed by Sameer has been improvising on the entire journey everyday to make the product better for us. uEngage has proved to be a very reliable partner in building our entire website ordering and delivery management process seamless.

Vikram Nagpal

(Partner @CBTL Chandigarh)


uEngage is extremely focussed and has an extreme sense of urgency to their client needs. Their understanding of our business is impeccable and that reflects in the work done by them on building our website & mobile app. Commendable job !!!

Abhishek Azad

(Partner @Tossin Pizza)

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