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Best WhatsApp Ordering Solution for Restaurants

Revolutionize Your Restaurant with WhatsApp Ordering. Quick and easy to use ordering system designed for restaurants & backed by best-in-class functionalities

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  • Double Tick Blue Outlet Selection Based on Location
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  • Double Tick Blue Multiple Payment Options via WhatsApp
Whatsap Ordering Uengage

Experience Seamless Online Ordering Via WhatsApp

Allow your customers to order on WhatsApp. Break the hassle of switching between apps while ordering online. Utilize the WhatsApp Ordering Solution by uEngage and allow your customers to place order at thier finger tips.

Digital Menu

Digital Menu

Show customers with a digital menu over whatsapp. Show your cuisines, prices and special discounts and much more in a interactive format

Automated Bot Response

Automated Bot Response

Increase customer satisfaction with immediate responses, ensuring quick replies, updates, and order confirmations

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

Increase the reach of your business and ensure better customer retention with our marketing automation tools on WhatsApp. Send promotions, personalized offers and updates

Multiple Payment Options

Multiple Payment Options

Offer your customers secure and hassle-free transactions with several payment options via WhatsApp, offering a smooth checkout experience

Zero Onboarding Charges

Efficient Delivery Management

Our WhatsApp ordering also allows efficient delivery management as well. Optimize the delivery process and offer real-time updates to the customer with Flash

360-Degreee Customer Profiles

360-Degree Customer Profiles

Get a chance to know your customers inside out. Get comprehensive 360-degree customer profiles, and offer tailored experience for better interactions.

WhatsApp Ordering - The New Easy Way to Order Food

Ease Of Ordering

Customers can easily browse menus, adding items to their cart, customize their orders, add special instructions, apply discount coupons and place orders all at one place

Digital Menu Display

Allow customers to effortlessly scroll and orders from your restaurant’s menu directly on WhatsApp. Customers can browse digital menu, choose items and order directly with no need to download separate app


Easy Order Tracking Via POS

Order placed on WhatsApp are sent directly to your POS. Integrate seamlessly with your Point of Sale (POS) system and allow customers to monitor their orders effortlessly.

Seamless Payment Options

Support secured payment processing directly through WhatsApp with integrated payment options such as UPI, Debit Card, Credit Card, allowing customers to pay conveniently for their orders directly on WhatsApp.

Onboard Your Restaurant for WhatsApp Orders with uEngage

Allow your restaurant to maximize sales with the Best WhatsApp Ordering Solution by uEngage. Effortless onboarding, Quick Integration. Here are a few key steps to set up with our WhatsApp Ordering Solution

Step 1

Have a Facebook Business Manager Account

Make sure you have a facebook business manager account ready to ensure a smooth onboarding. Having this account will provide an underlying connection between your whatsapp account and facebook ppresence.

Step 2

WhatsApp Business API Account

Not compulsory but having whatsapp business API account will enable your business to accept orders through whatsapp and easily communicate with customers as well. Let us handle this setup for you.

Step 3

Facebook Commerce Catalog

Though optional but strictly recommended. A catalog will showcase your menu items across platforms. uEngage can build your catalog and maintain an active feed.

Step 4

Integration Setup

Lastlly, connect your Commerce Catalog to your WhatsApp Business API Account for a smoother onboarding process completion. You can leave all technicalities to us. We can handle this integration behind the scenes.

Above are the tentative steps to get onboarded to WhatsApp Ordering. But you can contact uEngage and let us handle your business WhatsApp Ordering onboarding!

Frequently Asked Questions

WhatsApp Ordering offers customers a better and more convenient way to place orders with businesses through the widely-used WhatsApp messaging app, enabling users to choose items, view menus, and finish their purchases completely within the messaging platform for a simplified ordering experience.

Restaurants can integrate WhatsApp Ordering for their restaurants by setting up a WhatsApp Business profile to interact with customers. Upload menu offerings, pricing, and contact information to share widely and prompting users to dispatch their orders directly on WhatsApp for seamless messaging-based ordering.

Ordering food on whatsapp is both easy and feasible at the same time. Here are the steps:
1. Find restaurants in your area that offer WhatsApp ordering.
2. Open a chat with their number and browse their menu within WhatsApp.
3. Tell them what you would like to order and specify any preferences like opting out of certain ingredients.
4. They will confirm your order details and delivery/pickup time along with payment information, usually through a link to complete online payment.
5. Pay promptly so they can process your order. Do mention your name and contact number in the message for easy reference.
6. Once you get confirmation that your payment was received, your order is placed! Track delivery status directly over WhatsApp chat.

Businesses on WhatsApp typically use other secure payment methods. Thus, make sure that your chosen payment gateway is reliable and complies with necessary security standards to provide a safe transaction experience for your customers.

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